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Schools in the Dominican Republic 

School system in the Dominican Republic

For most parents considering relocating to another country, and especially somewhere like the Caribbean, their children’s education is a prime concern.  Knowing what schools are available and  the cost of a good education in an English speaking or bilingual school are vital considerations.  This will surely affect the choice of country, neighbourhood and ultimately real estate purchase.  West Indies Real Estate is able to help with your choice of realty if proximity to a good  international school is a major factor.  Excellent private schools and colleges exist kamagra españa throughout the Dominican Republic, especially on the North Coast, in Santiago, Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.  Many students tend to study at University level abroad, but there are opportunities here and indeed the first university in the Americas was established in Santo Domingo in 1538.

Education is also available in the public system but the standard is not too high.  The primary language of instruction in public schools in the Dominican Republic is Spanish.  There are generally not enough teachers, facilities or funding to meet the demands of an unusually large Dominican school age population.  Many private and religious schools supplement the state-financed schools, with whole or part sponsorship. Children aged 7 to 14 years are required to attend, and almost every large community has elementary and secondary schools.


Going to English speaking schools here in the Dominican Republic

Instruction in foreign languages is available in Dominican schools for children of all ages.

Curriculum is available in Spanish and other languages.  Some schools will offer education in one language whilst others may be bilingual.  While there are students enrolled from all over the world, the majority are Dominican.  This means that much of the school’s informal social life will take place in Spanish, regardless of the educational facility’s policies. 

Private schools in the Dominican Republic normally have the medium of instruction in English and usually take children from many nationalities.  Students must meet a certain level of English fluency for entrance.  The school year is usually divided into two semesters which begin in mid-late August and finish early-mid June.

Tuition fees for students vary from school to school, the maximum being $7,000US per academic year.  As a general rule the older the child, the higher the fees.  There may be additional charges for school lunches, uniforms and school books and materials.

Will their qualifications be valid once we leave the Dominican Republic?

Schools which are accredited by the Dominican Ministry of Education offer certificates which are valid for entrance to Dominican, European and US universities.  However, those planning to undertake higher education in the US may wish to attend a school which has been accredited by the US Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  Those interested in studying in Europe, should consider a school where the International Baccalaureate curriculum is used.

Some Schools in the Dominican Republic:

The International School of Sosua (Sosua, North Coast, Dominican Republic)

Near Puerto Plata is accredited by SACS, located in Sosúa and serves the communities of Puerto Plata, Sosúa and Cabarete.  It offers education to Grade 12 and diploma programs from the US and the Dominican Republic.  All courses are taught in English. For further information:

The Garden Kids School, Sosua – (Sosua, North Coast, Dominican Republic)

Is for children aged 5 – 11 years (Pre-kindergarten to Grade 4). For further information:

Santiago Christian School- in Santiago – (Santiago, Dominican Republic)

Is the only US accredited American style Christian school in the DR. It has about 515 students in the PK-12th grade. For further information:

La Romana.  Abraham Lincoln School – (La Romana, East Coast, Dominican Republic)

Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Located at Central Romana Corporation. 
Tel.  1 809 523 3333 or 1 809 687 7787. 
Centro Cultural Dominico-Americano is affiliated with the Instituto Cultural Dominico-Americano (ICDA) in Santo Domingo.  Tel. 1 809 582 6627

International School of Santo Domingo – (Santo Domingo, East Coast, Dominican Republic)

For further information:

The Carol Morgan School – (Santo Domingo, East Coast, Dominican Republic)

Founded in 1933, has around 850 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  All teachers are certified in their field, and many of the Faculty are from the US.  The school is accredited by SACS and sponsored by the US State Department.
For further information:

The American School of Santo Domingo – (Santo Domingo, East Coast, Dominican Republic)

Founded in 1981, offers US style instruction to a total of around 700 students, from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade.  The school is SACS accredited. 
For further information:

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