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Marketing Your Home

Marketing Your Home in the Dominican Republic

Ready for the Dominican Republic Real Estate Market – Getting Ready To Market Your Home

When considering selling your home, the presentation is very important and can greatly affect the market assessment.    When there is a large variety of property on the market in the Dominican Republic, it is vital to present your real estate in its best light.  Try to see your home through the eyes of the Buyer. This should help save you time and money in selling your homes and houses, maximizing your opportunity to realize your asking price in the shortest possible time.

Judith Fox-Hogg, interior designer and real estate broker, assists sellers, predominantly in Sosua and Cabarete, and offers guidelines for selling property in the current market. 

Un-personalize Your Home for the Dominican Republic Real Estate Market

When considering a home to purchase, the buyer often visualizes what it would be like living there. If overly striking decoration, unpleasant odors, loud music or TV, noisy children or barking dogs, strong political or religious statements, or very unusual art or furnishings dominate your property, the potential buyers may not be able to imagine it as their own. 
Always consider having fresh flowers and make a pot of coffee when potential buyers are expected. The smell is irresistible. 

Ready for the Dominican Republic Real Estate Market – Checklist:

Please consider how each of these areas of your home is presented in terms of state of repair, decoration, maintenance, and cleanliness:

  • Landscaping and boundaries 
  • General Exterior Condition
  • Main Entrance (first impressions are important)
  • General Interior Condition
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms 
  • Garage
There may be additional items and areas in your particular property not listed here, so be open for anything you feel will help a potential buyer to recognize your home as the perfect investment forthem.

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