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Dominican Medical Care Conditions

Medical care is surprisingly good in the Dominican Republic but  limited outside the key cities and the quality of care varies among facilities.  Emergency treatment can be obtained in major towns whilst very specialised health care and treatment can be accessed to a high level in Santiago and Santo Domingo.  Most ex-pats take out private medical insurance, which is very economical, and this gives access to most good, private clinics.  Tourists are advised to take our travel insurance which gives access to the same facilities. The Dominican Republic is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people seeking cosmetic surgery with the rates significantly lower than in other countries and the standards high, many of the surgeons having been trained in the United States.

A private nationwide ambulance service, “Movi-med,” operates in Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata and La Romana; its telephone number is 532-0000 in Santo Domingo and 1-200-0911 outside Santo Domingo.  “Movi-med” expects full payment at the time of transport.

In the Cabarete and Sosúa area there is a state of the art new clinic, Centro Medico Cabarete, which can handle emergencies and general care to the highest levels.  The Servi-Med centre in Cabarete can also help with emergency medical assistance and is available 24 hours a day. 

In the Puerto Plata area, there is a well equipped private clinic called “The Bournigal” which has an excellent reputation.

Emergency Contact Details for Medical Care in the Dominican Republic:

Emergency Contact Details for Sosua / Cabarete (North Coast, Dominican Republic):

Centro Medico Cabarete – In Sosua  (Emergency Hospital) – Tel: 809 571 4696

Servi-Med –  Tel: 1 809 571 2903

Emergency Contact Details for Puerto Plata (North Coast, Dominican Republic):

Centro Médico Bournigal, Antera Mota Street, Puerto Plata.
Tel. 1 809 586 2342 or 1 809 586 4140
Fax.  1 809 586 6104
Email.  [email protected]

Health Insurance for Medical Care in the Dominican Republic

If you are only visiting the island, then you may be covered by either your own national or private insurance or some form of holiday insurance.  However, if you live here full time or even a greater part of the year, then it is wise to obtain cover for the Dominican Republic. 

By and large, the private system here is good and works well.  You will be expected to pay a small percentage of most costs, up to 20%, but you must remember that the total cost is likely to be much less than you would expect to pay in the US or Europe.

Two of the larger insurance brokers are Ros & Associates Tel. +1 809 567 1021 or +1 809 562 4556 and Franco-Acra & Associates Tel. +1 809 535-1655.  Other providers include La Colonial, La Monumental, Seguros Banreservas, Caribalico, Seguros World Wide, Proseguros, and Seguros Popular.

Costs are typically US$30-50 per person per month for health insurance, depending on the cover,  and there is a reduction for families.

Always carry your card with you as this will have to be presented at the hospital on arrival.

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