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Investment and Investors Portfolio

Investment and Investors Portfolio

Investment / Investors Portfolio for Real Estate Investment in the Dominican Republic

Real Estate Investment in the Dominican Republic – Preview

West Indies Real Estate was established in 1985 to offer value to both the home buyer and investor, and continues to offer substantial opportunities in capital growth and, more importantly, cash on cash growth throughout each year.  Dealing in both residential and commercial listings, we are able to put together an investment portfolio that will maximise your investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic, where the political and economic climate is conducive to growth.

Why Caribbean Real Estate in the Dominican Republic?

Currently real estate in Europe is stalling, while America is still mainly in decline, particularly when you look at places like Florida.  Real estate in the Dominican Republic is still some of the least expensive in the Caribbean and prices have now bottomed out. 

Property, even beachfront property, is at an all time low and is an exceedingly good long term investment; while tourism has started to increase again.  Official government figures for January to March, 2011 show a 2.86% increase to 1,256,767 and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation shows an even higher increase from January to April of 5.6%, with still the highest number of visitors in the Caribbean.

According to forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the economies of Latin American and the Caribbean will grow strong again this and next year.  The Dominican Republic is placed second in Central America and  the Caribbean, closely following Panama, in terms of anticipated growth, with a forecast rate of 5.5% in both 2011 and 2012.

All year round sunshine, a stable currency, only 1.5 hours from Miami and under 4 hours from New York all make the Dominican Republic a desirable destination.   


Why West Indies Real Estate here in the Dominican Republic?

West Indies is able to offer all levels of investors the same service, whether you are simply looking to ‘buy to let’ or, for the more serious investor, we can offer advice, facts and figures.  With professional advice, not limited to simply buy or sell, we are able to offer a detailed review of the specific project, the developer, builder and mortgage lender.  Our evaluation includes cash flow, future property trends, feasibility and anticipated returns.  Only when we are completely satisfied, do we recommend the project to the investor. 

In addition to the above, we are able to offer, through our partner companies:

a.      tax efficient planning

b.      finance agreements

c.      marketing agreements

d.      letting agreements. 

Our aim is to offer the investor excellent future return on capital growth and outstanding return on actual cash-to-cash investments.  Stable government equals stable economy. 

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